To my continuing amazement, commentators in the media still, in cases of extreme weather or serious road traffic accidents, accuse police of closing roads off for our own sheer amusement. Because of course there’s nothing I like better, as a warranted officer of the crown, than standing alone on a freezing cold road cordon all […]

According to newspapers and community leaders everywhere, the police need to be more friendly, approachable and cuddly. Ever keen to do my bit, I have rewritten the police caution so that from now on we can sing it to the tune of the Pure Imagination song from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. Enjoy. Come […]

“Crime is falling, and police reform is working,” we are told. The daily-chanted mantra from the Home Office cites a rare and powerful agreement between reported crime figures and the British Crime Survey, both of which have crime down. Falling public confidence, stretched services, rock-bottom morale – all of this is as nought if you […]

                The journalist Dave Hill recently wrote a balanced and thought-provoking article about police officers and where we live, in the Guardian ( Once I had got over the initial shock of seeing a balanced and thought-provoking article about police in the Guardian, I decided to put the […]

Plans for the introduction of compulsory severance for police officers have reached the point where a new, post-CS Police Attestation oath has already been drafted by government mandarins. Now, in a world first, Ademan Deloya News offers you an exclusive peek at the new oath: “I do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I […]

What do the following people have in common: a motorcyclist with no helmet, two people on a moped, and anyone willing to drive up the wrong side of a duel carriageway? The answer is that they can all carry drugs, knives, guns or whatever else they want in their vehicles, without fear of arrest or […]

Have a look at this article, by Peter Hitchens in the Daily Mail, about the state of policing in this country. Did you click on the link? Congratulations, the article has served its purpose: the Daily Mail just made some money out of you. If you know the first thing about policing (which Hitchens […]


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